Making Online Marketing Logical

Website and Marketing Analytics

Your Website Analytics provide incredibly valuable information about the way visitors are engaging with your brand.  Are you making business decisions based on the Analytics information you are receiving? If not, you should be. Without a comprehensive understanding of how visitors are engaging with your brand online, you may be leaving money on the table and missing the boat on lucrative opportunities. Why settle for less?

SiteLogic excels in breaking down your website analytics into manageable pieces. We will teach you to discover how, when, why and from where potential customers are building a relationship with you. We’ve worked with almost every Online Analytics platform available and we can help you choose the system that will deliver the information you need every day. With the correct platform in place for e-Commerce or lead generation websites, you’ll be able to better target your audience by first understanding the process they live through as they navigate your website.

We have recently become the first U.S. Reseller of AT Internet’s Analyzer, an extremely robust Website Marketing Analytics Platform that provides unparalleled, non-sampled data for enterprise level clients. AT Internet has the brand recognition of Google in Europe, but their Analyzer Analytics Platform on non-sampled data is more robust and ensures privacy much more than their U.S. competitors.

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Discover what the SiteLogic team can do for you and your business. We offer analytics consulting and training to help you reach all of your web marketing goals.

Analytics Consulting

SiteLogic can work as your analyst and provide you with regular updates and recommendations for adjusting your marketing and website to take advantage of the findings from the data. SiteLogic takes great pride in our ability to communicate the complex array of data from your analytics and interpreting it into “take action” information that gets results.

Analytics Training

If you have an analyst, but their time is limited because of other responsibilities, SiteLogic offers a coaching program to assist your team. You can get the best of SiteLogic’s unique insights into data while your marketing analyst is performing their job as well. In addition, through calls and coaching, our Analytics Certified Analysts will share how they found important information, teach your team how to develop custom reports and train your analyst in getting more out of your Website Analytics.

Analytics Education

Check out our analytics blog to learn tips of the trade.