AT Internet Marketing Analytics Package

Making Online Marketing Logical

Website Analytics For All Web Channels

Analyzer is a platform that embodies every Website Analytics function for all of your business solutions. The SiteLogic team is certified and trained through AT Internet on Analyzer to measure data from all web channels to respond to your business challenges in real time. If you’ve been looking for more segmentation and better data per product or business line, you need to talk to us.

Analyzer is a comprehensive Website Marketing Analytics platform that will segment all of your web channels together–from your website to your social networks and mobile sites to intranets. This platform is virtually unlimited when it comes to measuring and analyzing data and can be as simple or as advanced as you need.

Notable benefits to Analyzer:

Helps your business make important decisions to develop an effective online presence 

Increases ROI through monitoring online marketing investments   

Increase in sales turnover     

Real time monitoring to improve reactivity

Complete control of data

Efficiency and proficiency in finding business solutions

Secure platform that ensures maximum privacy

Exceptional funnel performance

Non-Sampled data

Multi-variate testing tracking


Data Explorer Segmentation: In Analyzer you can segment and cross analyze data for optimal response and precision. Understanding your visitors across many metrics is simple and targets unique visitors.

Portal: Analyze common visitors to multiple sites and how different sites feed each other.

ATConnect: Interconnect online marketing and decision-making data with Analyzer, simplify campaign management, and enrich targeting capability.

Salestracker: Analyze your e-commerce turnover and sources by tracking order, category, or product, and monitor client life cycle.

If you have multiple domains that you need to accurately track and privacy is a priority to you, let us walk you through a demo. Clients who are ready for segmentation, non-sampled data and complete privacy find Analyzer to be the Analytics Platform they can’t do business without.

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