Microsoft unleashes Ms.Dewey

Via Kim Kraus’ increasingly unhealthy obsession with MS Dewey.
(really Kim, I am starting to become concerned)
Kim blogged yesterday about Microsoft’s new search engine MsDewey. My first thought was “interesting.” Ask finally dropped the butler, Jeeves, in order to change their image, and Microsoft has unveiled a sort of Jeeves 2.0.

Ms Dewey start
I will say that I found it to be patently irritating. Sure, Ms Dewey is attractive and gets your attention right away. Of course, I don’t go to search engines to be entertained. I go to find stuff called “information.” So, anything that gets in the way of that process irritates me. It’s obvious that this was not created to be an effective means of searching the web. The search results are shown in an opaque window against a variate background.

Ms Dewey
This wasn’t made for search – this is subservient chicken search engine, or virtual bartender search results host.
It took me a few minutes to drive by this accident; however, others have not been as lucky. Kim Kraus made her second post about MsDewey today, and she is starting to show signs of an unhealthy obsession. MsDewey is flirting her husband. Kim – it’s a compliment. Isn’t that right, Eric? ;)

Eric, really – turn off Kim’s monitor before she sends it through the wall . . .

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Kim Krause Berg (cre8pc)
November 15th, 2006 on 9:38 pm

Hey Matt…Eric says he’s working late tonight. Should I be worried? LOL

Aside from my jokes, it was kinda funny to hear a performance engineer “testing” out the so-called search engine. He was intrigued. From a purely technical perspective. I’m dragging him to SES Chicago, so if you go, you two can talk about her behind my back :)

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