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The internet is a black hole of information. One second you are being productive, the next you’re laughing at pictures of grumpy cats or pinning a new recipe you’ll swear to make soon. As a content creator, this makes it especially challenging to capture your audience’s ever-shifting attention – and keep it. You only have a brief window in which to grab your readers before they are on to the next thing. And if your content isn’t engaging and relevant, you’ll lose them again just as fast as you got them. These problems aren’t unique to our internet age, however. Journalists have always struggled to get their stories printed and read,…


Remember in grade school when you had to write outlines for every paper you wrote? You had to turn those outlines in before you even started putting pen to paper, and it was for a grade. Take this same concept and apply it to your SEO strategy on your blog or website. Before you start generating a blog post or landing page, revert back to your elementary school eduction for a second and recall that basic outline structure you wrote out hundreds of times. SEO is just like writing an outline, and page rankings are just like those letter grades you used to receive. Set up your page headings correctly:…


It’s a new year, which means you’ve probably made some personal goals for yourself. Whether it’s to shed a few pounds or start reading more, a new year should mean goals for your business as well. With a new year, there comes new trends. Every 12 months (or 12 minutes) there’s something new grabbing our – and our clients’ – attention. Based on these new channels, methods or trends, we can start to shape our marketing goals to be more effective and profitable in 2013. When’s the last time you created an annual content plan for your website, blog, email and social media channels?  With so much out…

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Social Media Messaging

What is Your Message?

The primary foundation of any social-media participation is to first evaluate your business and your message. Your message is of significant importance. It communicates who you or your business is and the value that you bring to the marketplace. Your message is the hook that brings people to your website, makes them curious to know more, and persuades them to take action. The development of your message is the first step to developing your social-media campaign. Your message is what makes you unique, and it communicates the benefit you provide. The message does not change.

The Medium is the Message

Marshall McLuhan was…


When it comes to blogging, I find myself on both sides of the coin. Here at SiteLogic, we heavily advocate blogging for business as a great customer service/link/traffic resource. We also know how valuable it can be to have an influential blogger talk about your company or product. On the flip side, I am also a hobby blogger with a decent following and increasing influence in my niche. Even if it’s positive, don’t talk about us On my hobby blog, I frequently write about my experiences as a volunteer with a local non-profit organization. I believe wholeheartedly in what we do and the benefits of our service, and my goal…


The importance of words Mao Tse-Tung understood the power of words when he wrote that “words are like little dynamite sticks in people’s minds . . . .” He was talking about communism, but the same holds true for marketing. Words are much more than labels, they are potential explosions that will connect and create an emotional response. Don’t let your website languish with wimpy, neutered copy. Create explosions with the power of words. I Love Tractors! I’ve been watching a few websites over the past few years. Watching the evolution of design and content on certain websites has always been a game, and a nice way to keep the pulse…


I attended the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference at the beginning of this week fully expecting to learn a whole lot of good internet marketing information from a great group of speakers. And I did. However, I wasn’t expecting to become part of a warm, welcoming, and helpful community that extends beyond the two-day conference. But I did. The Unleashed conference was all about community both in the sessions and the networking. I was able to network with almost all of the other attendees and build lasting relationships with many of them. The speakers emphasized building and marketing websites focused on the visitor, rather than the search engines. Real-live…


John Jantsch posed a question a few days ago, “Is networking online really that different?” Precisely. It’s not. Networking is the best way to grow your contacts, your business, build sales and relationships. I’ve found that the more pervasive social networking tools are online; they still reflect the primary essence of personal networking. I have met countless people online, yet when we are able to finally meet face-to-face, it changes the relationship and deepens it. There is a shared commonality at first, but then a friendship ensues. Networking Breakfasts I’ve been a member of many breakfast networking groups, which I’ve always enjoyed. Meeting new people and visiting with acquaintances…


Social Media and Reputation

This thought provoking article by Jennifer Laycock (Are Your Social Networking Connections Hurting YOUR Reputation?) brings to mind the saying of my grandmother’s: ” You are known by the company you keep.” While some may dispense with this as old-fashioned advice in the new socially-networked world. I find it to be true now more than ever. Privacy not invaded, but given away I’ve done many presentations to parents about social networking and what teens are doing online. Many are frightfully uninformed. The largest danger is the thinking that social profiles are private, when they are just the opposite. Public profiles, for teens and young adults, can be a vast repository of…


While browsing websites for gift ideas, I am constantly seeing the awesome potential of multimedia. Now that there are multiple social websites for almost every kind of media, the potential for customers to be exposed to your experience is limitless, and really inexpensive. My wife loves wind chimes, and I found some very interesting and different types of chimes. However, as most ecomm sites go; there is usually a picture and a small description of the product. This is hardly enough to go on when looking for a gift that goes beyond a static visual image. The chimes I found were made of ceramic bells rather than metal or wood,…