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Just Say No – You mean I don’t need every social network?

With the variety of social media avenues to take, how do you choose the best one for you and your cause? You may be hindering your message by blasting it across a variety of mediums rather than using particular social media avenues.

There is a common and telling tale.

You started small by posting snippets to Facebook, but you noticed that someone “favorited” your Tweet and gave your YouTube video a “thumbs up.” Your efforts seemed effective and manageable so you created an Instagram profile, a Vine account, and a corner of the web for your business’…

SiteLogic Pinterest

As I prepared to get married this past June, I obviously had a lot of ideas for the big day. From the perfect dress to the most fitting theme, ideas were swirling around in my head and I needed a way to get organized. As a social media manager, I knew I had a few tools at my disposal. The first one I thought of and the one that I used most often was Pinterest. In a matter of days I had hundreds of new ideas for my wedding, and to be honest, I used quite a few of them. I also observed that several of the people I follow…


Big Numbers Lie – Always

Lessons Learned about Big Numbers

In a phenomenon that is not just peculiar to the digital marketing industry, people love big numbers. Big numbers communicate a sense of accomplishment, movement in the right direction, and that things are “good.”

Context sheds light on big numbers

However, I have learned one important principle during my years in online marketing, and that is that big numbers always lie. They lie because they lack context. The more context added, the more numbers become smaller, more understandable, and then finally: small numbers that tell the true story, and communicate the Why? How? and What? which all enable you to…


Pinterest for the Small Business

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Just when you thought there couldn’t be one more social networking site to put your time into…Pinterest arrived. If you ever had a bulletin board in your room growing up, it was probably covered with pictures and notes all showing off your personality, hobbies, dreams and ideas. The same goes for Pinterest – A way to organize and share all of the inspiring things you find on the web. Think of it as a virtual bulletin board. Pinterest is particularly great for small businesses because it helps you reach your audience in a very creative way – Showing them that you as a business have a strong message and personality…


There’s no denying that the 2012 election has been full of strategic digital marketing campaigns. From the YouTube ads to the promoted Facebook posts, you’re probably tired of seeing Obama and Romney plastered across your computer screen, your smart phone and your iPad. Not to mention your friends who have been Tweeting incessantly about binders full of women, Obamacare, and anything and everything to try to convince everyone else that who they’re voting for is the best choice. So you might be thankful that tomorrow is Election Day and you’ll be able to continue living your life “ad-free.” But the truth is, your business can learn a lot from…


If you’re like most of us, you’ve been following the 2012 Olympics games pretty closely. Whether you check for updates on your smartphone or watch NBC’s primetime showing, there’s no mistaking the vast presence of social media that has completely engulfed the Olympics this year. You’ve probably even taken part in some of the social media frenzy, using hashtags like #olympics, #teamusa or maybe even #nbcfail, a trending hashtag that has brought the network’s mistakes or “fails” to light during the games on Twitter (i.e. A commercial showing US swimmer Missy Franklin winning the gold just before they aired her race). If you haven’t been taking part in the…

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Social Media Messaging

What is Your Message?

The primary foundation of any social-media participation is to first evaluate your business and your message. Your message is of significant importance. It communicates who you or your business is and the value that you bring to the marketplace. Your message is the hook that brings people to your website, makes them curious to know more, and persuades them to take action. The development of your message is the first step to developing your social-media campaign. Your message is what makes you unique, and it communicates the benefit you provide. The message does not change.

The Medium is the Message

Marshall McLuhan was…


Using Data to Make Better Decisions

Marketing Woes

A couple of news stories hit the wire that really captured my attention this week. Mostly in the social Media Marketing arena, the first article was about how retailers are closing their FaceBook stores. Gamestop, JCPenney, Gap and others were the first to explore retail on Facebook. Only a year ago analysts and Social Media experts were excited about the potential of F-Commerce (FaceBookCommerce). “There was a lot of anticipation that Facebook would turn into a new destination, a store, a place where people would shop,” noted Sucharita Mulpuru, an analyst at Forrester Research.

Another Social Media Channel

Another article that hit…


Who owns your social media marketing content?

I had a great question posed to me at a seminar a few weeks ago. The question concerned the ultimate ownership of content, especially when using social media. I knew that FaceBook takes ownership of your content, but I was not sure how the Terms of Service actually read. So I went there to see FaceBook’s legal policy on ownership of Intellectual Property content. And Wow! Was I in for a surprise.

FaceBook’s Terms of Service:

You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings. In…


MGM’s new Twitter promotion “Get Rewarded for Your Sins” invites people to “tweet their sins” to #mgmsin. The tweets are displayed on the promotion website, asking viewers to judge the sins as forgivable or unforgivable. In addition, the Twitter feed of sins will be projected onto buildings in Los Angeles at night. A winner is chosen every day for 30 days, and awarded a free night at the MGM Grand, which is great, because you might just need that free night when you get kicked out of the house. To me, this is troubling on a few levels. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a brilliant concept, but…