Another conversation with OMCP Founder, Michael Stebbins

In this conversation Michael and I dig into the competencies required for digital marketing. We discuss training practices, standards and core skills necessary for this industry.

How does one go about developing a standard competency for a young industry? Most of the digital marketing skills have between 15-5 years of accepted skills, and some have yet to be formalized. We discuss the importance of companies assessing employee skills and knowledge in order to enhance their teams and reach their marketing goals.

Michael brings up many of the methods of evaluating new hires and what hiring managers seek out in new employees. Have you ever wondered what hiring interview questions have to do with the job? You may surprised at how seemingly irrelevant questions provide insight to the character and thinking of a new hire.

Whether you are a hiring manager, marketing manager or looking to enhance your personal skills, this conversation will provide insight to the hiring process, knowledge assessments and more.

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Endless Coffee Cup conversation at the OMCP Studio