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Making Online Marketing Logical

Inspiring Marketers

Your Company, Your Business

SiteLogic focuses first on your business. There is none other like it. Your business, your website, your market and your marketing are all unique, and we want to understand that uniqueness. We do that through:

  • Marketing Research Audit- know where to start and where you are going
  • Keyword Research – the foundation of all of your Internet marketing efforts
  • Website Code Evaluation – search engine friendliness is key to your visibility
  • Content Evaluation – content persuades, creates credibility and triggers action
  • Competitive Research – are you moving faster than your competitors or… slower?

Marketing, Customized

Once SiteLogic begins to understand your particular marketing and business, we can then develop a customized marketing program. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” marketing programs, as your business is unique, and should be treated as such, with personal attention.

Our Clients receive:

  • Monthly recommendations for improvement. We don’t just report, we focus on changes that will lead to improvements and better results.

  • Regularly scheduled updates by phone, webinar or on-site. SiteLogic thrives on client communication, as we are partners with you in your marketing.

  • Custom-developed progress reports. No boilerplate reports for our clients. Our reports are based on your goals.

  • Analytics consulting – specific to your site. We want to help you understand Why and How, by training your staff to understand analytics.

SiteLogic Marketing Services:

  • Online Marketing Research – identify the problem, define the goals and the market, and develop a plan for action.

  • Marketing Analytics – after the the goals are defined, build the analytics that will provide indicators of success and measurement of what’s important to your business.

  • Search Marketing – is the primary way that your website will attract new customers. Increase your visibility, credibility and draw through Search Marketing.

  • Usability & Accessibility – your website can continually be improved to provide better service to your visitors. Increasing your usability can also increase your profitability.

  • Social Media – provides an amazing way to get to know your market and hear their feedback like never before. Businesses are getting closer to their customers, and Social Media provides an amazing new channel to reach audiences.