Conex 1by1

Making Online Marketing Logical

Conex1by1 works by tracking a visitor or customer’s actions (a link is clicked, a cart is abandoned, a purchase is made, etc.) then launchesa customized campaign or program. Personalization is the best wayto communicate with your shoppers and deliver a more intimate shopping experience. And we’re here for you anytime, from setting up email campaigns to database programming.

You want to be able to establish relationships with your customers and prospects to create a communication strategy that fits into their world. It must add value. It must be timely. It must be relevant.It must involve both parties in the process. And It must not be invasive. This is collaboration.

Conex1by1, adds collaboration to your Marketing Plans. From start to finish we design, develop and deliver automated campaigns that build stronger relationships with your customers and improve your long
term marketing performance.

You will have the ability to deliver unique and personalized shopping experiences through automated marketing solutions that launch relevant, timely, and consistent communications to your customers and prospects
across all marketing channels. Web, email, direct mail, mobile and beyond!