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Set Goals, Set Strategy: Get Results

SiteLogic’s Marketing Audit focuses on your current online marketing, the technology used, your marketing goals and metrics used to measure success.

SiteLogic brings fresh eyes, years of experience in marketing, usability, and analytics, and knowledge of the best marketing technologies to provide a detailed analysis of your website. But we don’t stop with a report; we give practical recommendations that you can immediately implement to improve the effectiveness of your site.

The marketing audit will focus on identifying areas of concern and immediate improvements for search rankings, conversions, and better visibility. These areas will be developed into a report that will be delivered with specific recommendations:

  1. Current visitor usage
  2. Identifying possible search engine “roadblocks”
  3. Search Rankings evaluation and effectiveness
  4. Technical and code evaluation
  5. Usability walk-through
  6. Online market analysis
  7. Social media visibility analysis
  8. Social media target analysis
  9. Keyword research
  10. Visitor trends to conversion
  11. Recommendations for correcting site structure, content, or design
  12. Recommendations for online marketing strategies

A Marketing Analysis that Leads to Action

The audit presents at least 10 specific recommendations for action, ranked in terms of priority and estimated return. SiteLogic will assist you in developing an action plan to address the priority items in the recommendations and assigning time-lines and accomplishments in order to get the most out of the audit.

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