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The Classical Model of Persuasion

SiteLogic consulting is based on the classical model of persuasion. Sales and Marketing techniques that were established thousands of years ago are still applicable to today's market – even in the electronic marketplace. One of the first "sales" manuals written about persuasion was written over 2,000 years ago by Aristotle, who explained the core of persuasion.

The Three Elements of Persuasion

Unless three elements are used by the speaker or presenter, their persuasive capabilities will suffer. Those three elements are:

  1. Logic
  2. Emotion
  3. Credibility


The navigation, images, and content have to be in a logical order and presentation. Users will follow page paths as long as it makes sense to them, and they feel as though they are accomplishing something on their way to gaining the information they need. By creating a logical structure, site visitors will feel confident that they are able to find the information they seek. Common sense pathways and navigation make users comfortable and keep them on the site longer, which enables you to communicate more information to them.


Ultimately, decisions are based on emotion. By creating content that answers the users' needs, anticipates their objections, and draws them into a conversation with your website. Emotion is the core of purchasing, and your website content must draw visitors into your story and your company. By knowing your customers and writing to their needs, you create the ideal climate for conversion.


The design and layout of the site, the arrangements of the text, and content create the credibility of the site. By putting forth a professional image, the user will feel more comfortable in giving over personal information. Even branded sites suffer from credibility problems with users when the site does not reflect the professional image that a user may expect.

The Result: Customer Appeal

Building a website that encompasses these three elements creates the most ideal opportunity to persuade and convert visitors to customers. The natural growth from this step is to use the site to grow customers into happy customers and then into brand evangelists, that love your company and what you do for them. The first step, however, is to create the ideal persuasive atmosphere by evaluating all of the elements of the site necessary to this end.

Each of these appeals to the visitor enable them to see a site that is trustworthy and sound, creating a desire to know more. Without all three elements working in concert with each other, a visitor will not stay. SiteLogic works with you and your company to create a comprehensive website marketing plan, based on these three elements.

Learn to persuade website visitors, instead of chasing them away.

If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.

-Ben Franklin (1706-1790)