SiteLogic is proud to announce that Kim Krause-Berg will be joining the team here at SiteLogic. While this is not a full-time position, it is a contract job that will keep Kim close-by for a few years. SiteLogic recently received a long-term contract for usability and performance testing consultation, which are skills that Kim has brought to the internet industry for many years.

This gives me the chance to work with Kim for many years to come and it will also allow her to retain her autonomy as Cre8pc. Kim will be working with SiteLogic on a part-time basis for the duration of this multi-year contract. She has been working with us on smaller projects, but this will allow us to begin collaboration on other potential business.

I am very excited about this, as Kim and I have been mutual admirers of each other’s work for a long time. Kim has a long history in usability and testing and she has been after me to learn more about accessibility, so this being the best of both worlds, we can work together on a project that allows us to bring these unique skill sets.

Plus, this also gives me the chance to hang out with her husband, Eric, with whom I share the ability to quote random lines from “Airplane!”. Kim accuses us of being the same person, and ignoring her when we get together. Anyhow, they and their family will be attending the SiteLogic Annual 4th of July Celebration. If they survive, welcome to the team!

Matt Bailey and Eric Berg
Funny enough, of all of the pictures that people take at the conferences and events, the only one I could find was one of Eric and me being blinded by someone’s flash. Congratulations Kim, and welcome!