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Peer Pressure and Social Media – When to Just Say No

Just Say No - You mean I don’t need every social network? With the variety of social media avenues to take, how do you choose the best one for you and your cause? You may [...]

Data is Subjective

Effective Communication A good friend of mine recently delivered a talk on how to increase one-to-one communication. She made the point that all electronic communication is ultimately binary - which is data. A wonderful observation, [...]

Make Your Business Bigger by Marketing Smaller

Don't fall for the lie of big numbers In my presentations, I always refer to the marketing principle I learned over 20 years ago; "big numbers lie." The reasoning behind that simple statement [...]

Do You have a Marketing Problem or Process Problem?

What's Your Problem? Can you self-diagnose your technical marketing problems? I find that many businesses are somehow unable to self-assess. I think it is the nature of being inside an [...]

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Matt has produced 3 books to help teach businesses how to make marketing logical, measurable and predictable (plan-able),
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