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Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #21: “Sensationalized Headlines”

Ben Bailey from 2nd Beach stops by to catch up on the latest headlines. There is an amazing amount of headlines in the pile, and what distinguishes them is outright contradictions, fad-chasing, recycled content and

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #20: “Profitable Testing”

Usability Conversations #3 Kim and Matt continue the conversation from the last show, as they delve into further testing and usability concepts. While the obstacles to good usability are well documented, Kim and Matt work

Easy Usability Evaluation

I don't want to read - Take me to the podcast! Begin by asking 5 Questions about your website: Is my brand and my offer clear? With less than three seconds, can a

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast: “Social Handshakes”

Matt welcomes Jason Bruckner, Social Media Manager at Sanctuary Marketing Group. Matt and Jason talk about what makes a great Social Media campaign, as well as expectations versus reality of social media marketing. Matt and

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast “Entrepreneurial Analysis”

Michael Stebbins of joins Matt again to discuss business ideas, starting businesses and the entrepreneurial world. You'll hear helpful advice and steps to evaluating ideas throughout this podcast, along with a healthy dose of

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