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A Brief History of Social Media Trends: Consolidation and Diversification

"There is nothing new under the sun" - Solomon Updating the world on your status. Breathlessly, the media is reporting Facebook's sagging numbers as teens look elsewhere for sharing and networking.  What will [...]

Analytics in Football Terms

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, it's clear that most people have football on the brain. As an Analyst, I have analytics on my mind most of the day, but football is also one of my [...]

5 Semi-Pro Speaking Tips

Not one of "those" lists to improve your speaking. In the past few months, I've been seriously underwhelmed by the amount of articles online that claim to be full of "speaking tips." Attention to [...]

Speaking Tips: Remove Idioms in your Speech

Improving your Speaking and Presentation Skills I'll never forget the experience. It was one of the funniest, if not horrifying examples of an idiom gone wrong. The Danger of Idioms I was speaking at a [...]

5 Ways to Work Deliberately + 1 Challenge to Work Profitably

Work Deliberately and Profitably Remove distractions – work intently Yesterday, I wrote about the choice to go about my day and my work by being deliberate.  Instead of attempting to do 5 things [...]

Not resolved, but deliberate.

Making Resolutions Deliberate Action With the new year comes an unending stream of articles on making resolutions, keeping resolutions, breaking resolutions and the "good intentions" of people to improve something about themselves in [...]

A Solution to Not Provided Channel Data

If you are familiar at all with Google Analytics, you may have noticed the New Acquisitions Reporting and Channels Section that replaced "Traffic Sources" on the left side bar. While re-learning the location of these [...]

A Margin of Importance

Overwhelming Detail Making sales is one thing, making money is another. In working with so many people over the year, it is wonderful to be a part of amazing discussions and learn insights [...]

  • increasing visitors is not always the answer

False Correlations: When actions don’t follow goals

It's a disease. One that proliferates the minds of even the most practiced and experienced marketers. Equivocating actions to results, even though upon reflection or examination, it is clear that the action does not match the [...]

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