Session Descriptions

4 Steps to Social Media Success

Social Media is a necessity for any marketer and business attempting to reach customers today. Unfortunately, the definition of social media gets bigger everyday, along with everything you need to know. The pressure to perform, to be visible to the right people and say the right things is overwhelming.

Or is it?

Matt’s common sense, measured approach inspires marketers to use Social Media profitably.

By understanding the technology, marketers are liberated from the pressure by understanding the proper applications. Social Media requires companies to create a new method of communicating value to their customers – to transform long-held viewpoints about corporate communication and embrace the openness of the customer viewpoints.

The key is not so much in talking to your audience, but in providing your audience (especially your promoters) the tools to communicate your message effectively.

However – you still have to show a return, and that’s not a hindrance. It should be your best guidance and strategic key. By having measurements in place that show how people interact with your content, and how it translated into meeting business goals, your social media strategy will thrive.

Matt says: “The key to an effective social media strategy is the planning. Great marketing isn’t an accident, and neither is a great social media campaign. Take the time to research and build a plan. Then execute and eliminate guesswork.”

Session Titles: Stop Wasting Time and Money on Social Media, The Marketer’s Guide to Dating, Making Social Media Work for You, Great Social Media Marketing isn’t an Accident


Thank you for presenting this content in a way that made sense. One of the key take-aways is the ability to ask the right questions in an area where I didn’t quite understand the structures.”
C Mabry, American College of Cardiology