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Data Requires Trust


Using Customer Data For Your Marketing? Better have Trust First. “I don’t like this,” my wife said as she tensely slid the mailer over to me. A local car dealer had [...]

Data Requires Trust2017-08-25T14:35:50-04:00

Simple Sales Wisdom: Follow-up after the Sale


The Amazing Follow-Up Benefits of a Welcome Series Email One of the more interesting psychological phenomenon surrounding sales is the concept of the post-purchase regret or “buyers remorse.” Buyers [...]

Simple Sales Wisdom: Follow-up after the Sale2024-03-19T16:14:06-04:00

Not resolved, but deliberate.


Making Resolutions Deliberate Action With the new year comes an unending stream of articles on making resolutions, keeping resolutions, breaking resolutions and the "good intentions" of people to [...]

Not resolved, but deliberate.2021-12-16T22:39:54-05:00

5 Steps to Better Presentations


Make Your Presentations Memorable On average I speak about 40 times a year at conferences, events and in-house training. When I am speaking at conferences, I always like to sit [...]

5 Steps to Better Presentations2021-12-17T16:06:31-05:00

What is the Real Need?


Relying on Old Sales Wisdom I love reading old sales training books. I find that the practical wisdom in them is a refreshing change from much of today's glib thoughts [...]

What is the Real Need?2022-01-29T19:27:38-05:00
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