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The Elusive Reader


People do not read online content. Nearly every study since the dawn of the browser has shown the same thing, people do not read your website.  However, that is [...]

The Elusive Reader2024-03-19T16:05:38-04:00

SEO & Grade School Basics: Setting up Heading Tags


Remember in grade school when you had to write outlines for every paper you wrote? You had to turn those outlines in before you even started putting pen to paper, [...]

SEO & Grade School Basics: Setting up Heading Tags2021-12-17T16:07:42-05:00

Improve Your Marketing Today


What can you do to improve your online marketing today? The problem with this question is that it implies that there is a list already in existence that you can [...]

Improve Your Marketing Today2021-12-17T16:09:03-05:00

Pinterest for the Small Business


Just when you thought there couldn’t be one more social networking site to put your time into...Pinterest arrived. If you ever had a bulletin board in your room growing up, [...]

Pinterest for the Small Business2021-12-17T18:22:12-05:00

The 2012 Election: A Digital Marketing Frenzy


There’s no denying that the 2012 election has been full of strategic digital marketing campaigns. From the YouTube ads to the promoted Facebook posts, you’re probably tired of seeing Obama [...]

The 2012 Election: A Digital Marketing Frenzy2024-03-19T16:47:26-04:00

When Should Your Business Send Emails?


Traditionally marketers have been told to schedule their email campaigns to be sent out early in the day on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. However, a study by MailerMailer shows those [...]

When Should Your Business Send Emails?2024-03-19T16:16:10-04:00

5 eCommerce Tips To Cash In Holiday Shopping


When was the last time a partner you worked with provided you with some information about your website engagement that actually compelled you to make a change on your website? [...]

5 eCommerce Tips To Cash In Holiday Shopping2021-12-17T18:32:46-05:00
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