Courtesy: Search Engine Guide

ClickTracks is offering user the chance to test drive the unique features and interface of their analytics software by offering ClickTracks Appetizer. With Google’s release of Google Analytics late last year, it changed the landscape of the analytics market. ClickTracks has decided to come back by offering a sampling of the features that are available in the full program. Some of the more popular features will be able to be tested and experienced once a month as the ClickTracks team enables the feature, creating a true appetizer experience.

This is not meant to be a full analytics solution, but an enhancement to one that is in place, but it will give site owners and web managers a glimpse in to the robust capabilities of ClickTracks and some of the unique tracking that it offers.

The best of the features, the site overlay, will be available in the appetizer version. The visitor labeling will be available to some degree. For my money, the power of labeling visitors based on keyword groups is by far the best feature of ClickTracks. Grouping visitors by keyword group and then analyzing the behavior and tendencies of that group is as easy as falling down in this simple interface.

In addition to this ClickTracks will also be offering free seminars to help new and existing user to get the most out of their ClickTracks. Any user is encouraged to sign up, as new features are always being added and there are many different methods to extract valuable information using this product. Upcoming ClickTracks Seminars.

Or, just go ahead and buy a version of ClickTracks Pro, trust me, you’ll love it. I’ve seen some under-the-wraps features for the 6.1 release and I have to say that the ClickTracks team is one of the most innovative and responsive development teams for website marketers and SEO’s.