How can Small Business Owners Keep up with Online Marketing?

I was fortunate to be interviewed by the Small Business Online Community of Bank of America, and some great questions were posed. Small business owners have a lot on their minds these


days, from the pressures of running a business to employees, books, legal, etc. Online Marketing is demanding more and more time from the business owner, and is unforgiving in its demands. New social channels pop up every month, an d very few have thee time, inclination or adaptability to integrate new media quickly. The small business owner needs to regroup and build a complete a online marketing plan for their business, and run the show. Otherwise, the demands and pressures of keeping up with online marketing will overwhelm and frustrate the business.


RL: Still, social media marketing generates a lot of buzz today, and many businesses likely feel pressure to be part of it. What advice do you have for them?

MB: Do what works for your business and don’t feel guilty about saying no.

RL: About saying no to participating in social media?

MB: About everything. The social media realm is so filled with experts telling people you’ve got to be on Twitter, on Pinterest, on Facebook. It never ends. The thing to remember is, social media was not made for marketing. Social media was made for like-minded people to share information with each other. The trick is to identify what social media is good for your business.