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Marketing Mix 8-30-2013

Around the ‘net: Video Edition


Home Internet Monitoring.

Sharing what's interesting.

Sharing what’s interesting.

As a Parent, monitoring the internet access of my children is a concern.  Besides the computer, there are many other devices that access the Internet; phones, iPads, TV, etc.  How can you manage to keep an eye on everything?  This devise makes the task easier:  As a KickStarter project, it is crowd-sourcing funding, and is one of the more promising and applicable projects I’ve seen.  It will manage the times that the wi-fi can be available in your home, and also provide reporting of who is using what device and for what purpose.  A great visual interface looks promising to make managing your family’s internet access and safety much easier.  They have a goal to raise $250,000 by the end of September 2013.  I highly recommend supporting this project, and I am kicking in as well – I want one of these!

Glasses that correct color-blindness.

Some of mankind’s greatest discoveries were serendipitous accidents that resulted in a leap in technology or understanding.  These glasses are able to filter wavelengths of light to improve the variety and purity of colors.  Having my web development roots based in accessibility and accessible programming, this is an amazing discovery and will affect the lives of many people.


Keep yo business off Facebook.

Making church more relevant to the community!








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