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Marketing Mix 9-13-2013


Sharing what’s interesting.

Sharing what’s interesting.

A few Amazon Kindle deals available today:  The Big Data Revolution is available for $2.99.  I’ve been deep in the Big Data studies for months now and have seen amazing things done with data, but have also developed a healthy respect for the need of informed privacy at the same time.  As a marketer, I’m all in.  As a consumer and a parent, I’m very wary of the implications.  49 Ways to Market Your Business for Free only costs $1.00.   I had a chance to meet and hear John Maxwell years ago, and really enjoyed his style and approach to leadership.  One of his books that I refer to frequently, The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset is on sale this month for $2.51.  Finally, I’ve had a secret obsession with Nordic Metal over the years, so when I found a book called Heavy Metal Management by a couple of Swedes for only $1.99 this month – i had to jump on it.  Needless to say, the Metal culture pervades this book, parental advisory and all.  A great way to view marketing from a “not so stuffy” perspective.


 Around the ‘net

Your Brain on Facebook.  How social affirmation feeds the desire for acceptance and praise.  Getting that “like” or that “LOL” contributes to a Pavlovian condition where people become more active on Social Media in order to get the praise and affirmation they desire.  Unchecked it can lead to an addictive behavior as a person seeks acceptance from their Facebook friends…

Bill Waterson’s Commencement Address – in the style of Calvin and Hobbes.  I loved Calvin and Hobbes comics growing up.  Reading the text of Waterson’s 1990 speech to Kenyon College, in the Calvin & Hobbes style, relates his experiences and message with clarity.

Facebook considers adding profile photos to facial recognition.  If this doesn’t make you cringe, then you share too much on Facebook.  However, “Google’s social network, Google+, also employs similar technology, but requires user consent. And it has banned third-party software makers from using facial recognition technology in apps designed for its Glass wearable computer.”

 DIY Science: Living Milk.  My kids are going to love this…




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