I first heard about this a few months back, when someone blogged about the attention Snakes on a Plane was getting from simply the combination of the title and the lead character, Samuel L. Jackson.  I must admit, those to elements create some interesting images in my head.  Apparently, it does for others as well, but to a whole new level. Google now has over 2 million results for “Snakes on a Plane“.
The creators of the movie have watched intently as fan-created trailers have hit the net, along with plot suggestions, movie posters, T-shirts, and of course, blogs.  Filming was wrapped up last summer, but the producers are re-shooting scenes based on the input from the fan base already created by the movie.

This is an amazing example of word of mouth, citizen-marketing, whatever you want to call it.  I chalk it up to the combination of Samuel L. Jackson and the name and idea of the movie – it has to be hilarious.  This movie has become a cult phenomenon before anyone has even seen it.  And that’s how you create buzz, everyone.  Allowing the customers to drive what they want to see in the movie.  Of course, you couldn’t honestly say you were expecting Lord of the Rings quality in a movie like this, would you?

New Line Cinema is now asking fans to create an original song for the movie.  Now that’s listening to your market.