Reviews of Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day

“Matt Bailey is one of my favorite speakers at industry events because he delivers insights with intelligence and wit.  He brings that same approach to this book in what is quickly becoming the next must read for anyone interested in improving their business online.”
Brett Crosby, Google


“This book is an easy-to-read, step by step guide to effective internet marketing. Whether you are a small business owner, a marketing manager, or an aspiring entrepreneur, Matt provides you with much needed direction and insight from one of the most respected and accomplished internet marketing experts in the world.”
Kris Jones, Search Marketing Expert, & Author
“What a great book! This book will definitely be on my recommended list. Matt makes the concepts easy to grasp and entertaining to learn.”
Beth Smith, Direct Marketing Association


“Matt Bailey unpacks the mystery of SEO, site design and data, in step-by-step directions, and plain English for the rest of us.  No one else has approached the plain-English demystification of building an effective Web presence as cost-effectively and time-effectively as has Matt.  This work is built on top of something like 15 years of experience in helping global majors and backyard amateurs be the best that they can be on the Internet.”
Charles Prescott, Global Address Data Association
“This book should be required reading for all business owners. Matt has provided a clear and concise guidebook containing all the tools and knowledge to help business owners quickly unleash the power of Internet marketing.”
Eric Greenburg, Rutgers University, Center for Management Development


“Matt Bailey does a phenomenal job making the complex simple. He gives you the master plan to follow so you can develop the core skills to drive traffic to your website, analyze what that traffic is doing and what you can do if you want to get that traffic to be persuaded to take more actions on your website.”
Brian Eisenberg, Best Selling Author

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Internet Marketing:An Hour a Day






What You’ll Find

A Step-by-Step Guide

This is the ultimate comprehensive guide to do-it-yourself internet marketing. Using the popular An Hour a Day approach, this smart, proven plan for Internet marketing success gives you a day-by-day.

Learn how to optimize your site for users and search engine rankings, craft compelling content, develop winning pay-per-click campaigns, use and react to website analytics, and leverage the power of social media to put your marketing efforts over the top. Inside, find everything you need to increase your website’s rankings, visitors, and sales.

  • Evaluate your current website, figure out what you want visitors to do, and set goals
  • Understand basic SEO, on- and off-page ranking factors, and keywords
  • Create content that converts your visitors to paying customers
  • Learn ten old-school sales techniques that work like a charm on websites
  • Apply keyword research strategies that will be a foundation for a total marketing plan
  • Master the power of the technology—links, redirects, dynamic URLs, e-commerce, and more
  • Get control of your social media— learn which ones work best for you and adapt them to your business
  • Take the organic view of pay-per-click marketing and avoid the five biggest PPC mistakes
  • Measure with analytics, see what’s working, respond to market trends, and identify improvements

You’ll also find:

  • Essential hints, tips, and techniques for everyone from one-person shops to Fortune 500 companies
  • Real-world case studies that illustrate successes to learn from and mistakes to avoid

Chapter Listing

  1. A Holistic Approach
  2. How Search Engines Work
  3. Establishing Business Goals
  4. Evaluate Your Situation/Research Tools
  5. Starting with Search Engine Optimization
  6. Keyword Research
  7. How to Sell and Market Online
  8. Develop Content that Sells
  9. Connect Your Content to People and Search Engines
  10. Master Online Persuasion
  11. Improve Conversions
  12. Create Effective Navigation
  13. Design for Accessibility
  14. Eliminate Technical Roadblocks
  15. Consider the Hundreds of Details
  16. Build Links for Credibility
  17. The Power of Blogging
  18. Using Social Media
  19. Get Started with Pay-per-Click Marketing
  20. Measure Results with Analytics
  21. Use Analytics to Create an Action Plan

Plus: Questions and To-do lists at the end of every chapter, case studies, examples, recommendations, evaluations, and everything you’ll need to get the “big picture.”

“If you are a small business owner, this book is for you. Even the most time-strapped technophobe can understand Matt’s easy-to-follow steps, implement his suggestions and drive qualified Website traffic. You can pay someone thousands to “SEO” your site – or you can read this book and do it yourself. My advice: Buy this book!”
Heather lloyd-Martin, SuccessWorks Search Marketing
“So many people launch websites but lack basic technical and marketing knowledge to make them succeed.  Don’t fall into this trap! Before you get started, read Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day. It’s a comprehensive resource filled with proven tips, tactics and marketing tools you can use to become an online success. Business owners large and small will benefit from this solid resource and the real-world advice Matt Bailey offers, you’ll find yourself turning to it constantly!”
Deborah Mastaler, Alliance-Link
“If you’re new to Internet Marketing, you don’t know what you don’t know. Matt Bailey not only helps you understand what you don’t know, he also manages to take subject matter that can be very complex and breaks it into easily digestible pieces for a newbie. Reading this book is like going to Kindergarten on page 1 and finishing the last chapter with an MBA. This book should be required reading for all online marketing managers and small business owners.”
Adam Proehl, NordicClick Interactive
“Internet marketing opens the door to business opportunities.  It also an open door to potential pitfalls.  The trick is to read Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day by SiteLogic’s President Matt Bailey so you can avoid the pitfalls, seize the opportunities, and get back home by six o’clock.  Bailey’s book tells you what works, what doesn’t and provides a practical, day-by-day, do-it-yourself plan for success.  It’s the first thing that I hand to new employees to get them up to speed.”
Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR, Author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day

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