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Matt’s Training and Speaking Videos

Here is a sample of Matt’s training and talks …

Website Scan-ability

People don’t read online – they scan. If your content is not made for fast scanning, then your content will not be remembered!

The Three C’s of Analytics

Transform your analytics with three questions. Get beyond unique visitors, time on site and pageviews and drill down to what is really important!

Set Marketing Goals

What produces revenue for your company? Who are you selling to, and how do they look for information? Develop these principles and watch your online marketing effectiveness increase.

Successful Site Architecture

Programming and architecture can stop visitors cold – and then they will leave your site. Simple, common sense programming and architectural techniques keep visitors and help search engines.

Fight Email Spam!

Not everyone is interested in your email. They are only interested if it is personal, relevant and timely. What are you doing to send relevant email?

Think Like a Publisher

The key to online marketing is planning. Plan your writing, think ahead, use social media to market the content after it goes live, and leverage your knowledge to gain market share.

Search Engine Secrets from 1935

Amazingly, a little volume known as Strunk & White’s Elements of Style, written in 1935, provides hidden gems of information relevant to today’s online marketer.

Analytics According to Star Trek

How does Star trek help to understand analytics? This video gives the quick answer. For a more in-depth analysis, see Analytics According to Captain Kirk.

The Medium is the Message

In this interview, Matt talks about one of his earliest influences, Marshall McLuhan and how he is still relevant to marketing online.

Digital Marketing Books

Matt has produced 3 books to help teach businesses how to make marketing logical, measurable and predictable (plan-able),
so they can be profitable.