As I prepared to get married this past June, I obviously had a lot of ideas for the big day. From the perfect dress to the most fitting theme, ideas were swirling around in my head and I needed a way to get organized. As a social media manager, I knew I had a few tools at my disposal. The first one I thought of and the one that I used most often was Pinterest. In a matter of days I had hundreds of new ideas for my wedding, and to be honest, I used quite a few of them.

I also observed that several of the people I follow have wedding boards – Whether they are engaged, in a relationship…or even if they are single. This is intriguing to me, but it makes sense. As a little girl, you dream about your wedding day from the moment you can start to think and talk for yourself, and what better way to document all of the ideas you have then through an online bulletin board?

And what a great way to market! Think about the hundreds of blogs and websites I visited just through being on Pinterest for my wedding.

But the point of this post isn’t to rant about weddings, it’s to shed light on the ways that you can use a medium like Pinterest to capture a niche audience, drive them to your website, build thought leadership, prove your creativity and prove value to the 70 million people who use Pinterest.

You see, Pinterest isn’t just for weddings and recipes…

Be Visual

A photo of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart cooking together might compel someone to click on a pin.

A photo of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart cooking together might compel someone to click on a pin.

If you do any sort of Facebook management for your company, you know that images get much more engagement than posts with simple text – Almost three times as much on average. Pinterest uses this fact as it’s main objective. No matter the content, as long as you have a compelling image, people are more likely to pin and re-pin your post over and over again.

Be Creative

Pinterest doesn’t have to be all about business. It’s a great place to show the creativity of your company too. On the SiteLogic pin board, we have several boards that tell people about our personalities. From our coffee board to our healthy office living board, our name is getting out there because of who we are, and this helps people put a face to our name and build brand loyalty.

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Be Serious

Don’t expect to see leads and sales from simply joining Pinterest and adding a few pins. In order to see the value of this medium, you have to commit to it. The good news is that Pinterest is providing new ways to see the true value and worth of its service through user analytics. This data shows you things like click through rates and the viral nature of your pins, which helps you measure reach, ROI, search results and traffic to your site.

Use Pinterest analytics to help you figure out the value and reach of what you're doing there.

Use Pinterest analytics to help you figure out the value and reach of what you’re doing there.

Drive People to your Site

The most important part about any social media effort is driving people to your website and ultimately getting a sale or getting them to convert. The way to do this on Pinterest is through an appealing image paired with content that gives your audience something they want, inspires them or offers them something. If you can start doing this, expect to see more people coming to your site through Pinterest, and expect to see people sharing your content more often.

The Viral Nature of Pinterest

Even though I’m not adding things to my wedding board now that I’m married, it still exists and gets re-pins weekly (great for all those bloggers and wedding favor sites). This is the beauty of Pinterest – The potential to be in front of people without doing the work. 

Another one of Pinterest’s main objectives is allowing people to share ideas. This boils down to sharing your company and what you’ve created and what you can offer. Your pin will also take a potential client or customer to a page deep in your site, getting them closer to a conversion or sale. Most of the time pins will not take you to a homepage, they will take you to a blog post or separate page, eliminating the chance for someone to have to navigate to what they want to find. It’s right there in front of them!

Pinterest was made for marketing – You just don’t realize it yet

Think about it…Pinterest was made to take an image that links to a website or blog and publicly post it to a virtual bulletin board that can be shared and reused by others – over 70 million others at that.

Sounds like marketing to me.

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