Be Uncomfortable.

How many people seek to be uncomfortable?  Unfortunately, maybe not enough of us seek out discomfort, because it is the only way we can grow.


Too many people would rather be reinforced than challenged.

It is always more comforting to hear what we believe and be affirmed in our beliefs rather than to hear what we do not like.  It’s always easier to say “yes” to a crying child than to withhold the candy that isn’t good for them at that time.  It’s easier to feed our minds with political commentary that aligns with our beliefs than to watch or read an opposing viewpoint that offends our sensibilities.  As humans, we love to be comforted in what we believe rather than be challenged.

However, challenging our beliefs is what makes us grow.

Either by deepening our reasoning in what we believe,  growing to understand different ideas; or even changing our opinions!  As business people, as marketers, we enter into situations with preconceived ideas of how things work and what the organization need to do to improve or succeed.  Yet, how often are we willing to listen to alternative information that not only is different, but completely opposite?  Challenging our assumptions is the only way we can really know if our assumptions are correct.


Know Thyself

As Socrates stated, to “know thyself” is where things start.  In order to know yourself, you need to know what you believe and why.  I love presenting and teaching people about online marketing, because people have heard so many different things.  I’m challenging assumptions everyday.  This industry is so young, and continues to develop daily, and yet there is no formal education in how to do everything right!  As a result, there are a lot of preconceived ideas, assumptions and advice that needs to be challenged!  Socrates was considered wise, not because of what he knew, but because he admitted that he didn’t know, and actively sought out knowledge and new information.


Do you want to get better?  Find Contradiction!

How often do you make yourself uncomfortable by listening , reading or seeking information where you know that you may not agree? That discomfort ultimately makes you better.  The attitude of learning requires that you open yourself to ideas and information that you do not know or understand.

By actively seeking new information, you have to process it, reason with it and decide what you will do with it.  That process alone develops your mind and allows you to consider new information as a friend and not a foe.