I had a great time this week speaking to the Lexington, KY Advertising Club. The hospitality was outstanding and the event was a lot of fun. There were over 100 guests to the luncheon, and many stayed afterwards into the afternoon for an extended Q&A time. The questions were very good, and I definitely want to get back to Lexington very soon, as the people were very inquisitive and were genuinely interested in search engine optimization and website marketing.

I was impressed with the level of understanding and talent in the room. Many of the attendees had award-winning sites themselves and there was a lot of quality understanding already there, but they allowed me to present and I appreciate the invitation.

Accordingly with the hospitality, I was asked by Tim Coles, Multi-Media Sales Manager for WKYT-TV to attend dinner with him at the Atomic Café (which I highly recommend), and as an added bonus, attend the UK game.

Now, for this who have not had the experience of being in Lexington, KY during college basketball season: These people are rabid fans of UK basketball. Win or lose, they love their Wildcats. It is an experience to see an arena filled with blue and white while viewing the game in almost hushed tones of reverence for their team.

The game was OK – pretty sloppy until the last 3-4 minutes. However Tim and I had some great conversation about blogs, viral marketing, competitive marketplaces and his vision of marketing his sites. While we enjoyed the conversation, I doubt many around us did. I caught many a glaring glance shot our way, as we just weren’t paying the proper attention to the game.

Thank you, Ad Club of Lexington – I look forward to making another trip there and meeting many of you again.