Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day

This exciting project was the work of over 14 months of research and development for presenting a start-to-finish guide to internet marketing. The book covers the testing of your current site or the considerations to starting a new site, and the development of marketing campaigns to extend the visibility of a business.
Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day

What Others are Saying…

Already the book has received great reviews from other peers and experts in the industry:

“Matt Bailey is one of my favorite speakers at industry events because he delivers insights with intelligence and wit. He brings that same approach to this book in what is quickly becoming the next must read for anyone interested in improving their business online.”
Brett Crosby
Director, Product Marketing; Google

“This book should be required reading for all business owners. At a time where everyone claims to be an internet marketing expert, Matt is the real deal. He has provided a clear and concise guidebook containing all the tools and knowledge to help business owners quickly unleash the power of Internet marketing, In the sea of Internet marketing books, Matt’s book rises to the top for its clarity and focus on generating ROI for business owners.”
Eric Greenberg
Faculty Chair, Center for Management Development
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

“Matt Bailey unpacks the mystery of SEO, site design, data and much else, in step-by-step directions, and plain English for the rest of us. No one else has approached the plain-English demystification of building an effective Web presence as cost-effectively and time-effectively as has Matt. This work is built on top of something like 15 years of experience in helping global majors and backyard amateurs be the best that they can be on the Internet. And maybe 5 years of teaching US Direct Marketing Association classes, and helping hundreds of students be the best they could be for themselves or for major companies in the US and abroad. If you have a struggling site and can’t figure out why it isn’t performing better, this book will more than repay you. It will build your business.”
Charles Prescott
Editor Prescott Report; Executive Director, Global Address Data Association;
Director, Direct Marketing Association.
Chair, Consultative Committee, Universal Postal Union

What You’ll Find in Internet Marketing: An Hour A Day

  • A Holistic Approach
  • How Search Engines Work
  • Establishing Business and Website Goals
  • Website Evaluation Tools
  • Basic SEO Techniques
  • Keyword Research
  • Principles of Online Sales and Marketing
  • Developing Great Content
  • Connecting Content to Users and Search Engines
  • Online Persuasion Techniques
  • Improve Conversions
  • Develop Effective Architecture
  • Consider Accessibility
  • Troubleshoot Technical Roadblocks
  • The Little Details
  • Link Building
  • Market Effectively with Blogs
  • Understand Social Media
  • Develop a PPC Campaign
  • Measure the Right Things
  • Analyze for Action

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Thank you to all who helped to make this book possible, especially to the amazing staff at SiteLogic, who performed brilliantly throughout the months in delivering quality consulting to our clients while also developing amazing case studies and examples for use in this book!