I teach marketers
to find WHAT works,
to understand WHY it works
and HOW to leverage that data for more revenue.

Digital Marketing + Persuasive Presentation Skills

Tomorrow’s marketers need to understand data and turn it into action. Then, present that data persuasively to influence action.

“Matt rules the sweet spot where intellectual command and warm, strategic presence come together.”

Training Marketers and Businesses for 2025 and Beyond…

New Courses

From SEO beginners to intermediate, this course gives you hands-on, personalized instruction from Matt Bailey, a 30-year SEO veteran and renowned expert.

Are you frustrated with coming up with content every day? You’ll learn how to create a never-ending source of amazing content that people and search engines will love!

Keywords are the foundation of digital marketing. Learn how to find, research, organize, and use AI tools to find the right keywords for dominating your niche!

The OMCP® Certification is one of the industries highest and most prestigious digital marketing certifications. SiteLogic is the only provider of OMCP specialty courses.

Popular Courses

Digital Marketing OMCA Certification

Accelerate your career with the Online Marketing Associates Certification. OMCA certified marketers earn between 16%-26% more than their non-certified peers.

Local SEO and Google My Business

Grow your local business with these free search engine resources! See how people find you and what they do!

Learn Digital Analytics

Do you find analytics to be overwhelming and confusing? Matt teaches you how to develop a measurement strategy and define the analytics you need.

Present Data through Powerful Visuals and Compelling Stories

Stop copying and pasting data reports and present your knowledge! Learn how to take data and craft it into a powerful persuasive presentation that highlights your skills and knowledge!

Training that Gets Results

SiteLogic ensures results in your team by offering skills pre-assessments, custom training programs, coaching and industry certification.

“Matt created a customized, first-class curriculum, delivered in a professional and impactful way.” —Experian

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Digital Marketing workshops

Industry-Specific Workshops

Technical  + Human Skills of Persuasion & Presentation

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast

“Current digital marketing topics, truly knowledgeable guests and host, very naturally flowing and insightful conversations.”

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Analytics + Action

Train your marketers to confidently measure what matters, and communicate it effectively to increase the value to the company.

“Matt Bailey possesses a deep knowledge of web analytics as it pertains to search and, more importantly, how to turn web data into actionable information.”

Digital Marketing Books

Matt has produced many books to help teach businesses how to make marketing logical, measurable and predictable (plan-able),
so they can be profitable.