That’s the issue being faced by companies today.

Because while data is everywhere, and there are a million ways to collect it…

…there’s a lack of marketers who know how to read, interpret, and analyze that data in ways that drive decisions toward measurable business goals.

In fact, 75% of marketers agree that a lack of training and education is the biggest barrier to making smart, informed business decisions.


A By The Numbers Solution

eConsultancy surveyed 677 executives at companies with over $250M in revenues, and learned that 2/3 of organizations don’t have the data analyst resources they need to meet their goals.

But the study also showed that the organizations that meet — and beat— their goals share a common solution: They provide everyone on the team with the training they need to understand and leverage data.

Training not only empowers your team to use data and analytics to understand how your customers are behaving…

It helps them reach more customers in the first place, where and when they’re most receptive to your message.

3 Recommendations For Success From Google

Based on that eConsultancy report, Google shared 3 powerful recommendations for making training a part of your strategy.

I – Identify knowledge and skills gaps

Google knows that smart training addresses specific holes in a marketer’s skill set.

Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your team’s current skill set helps you see exactly how they stack up to industry standard digital marketing competencies, as a group and individually.

Then you can design a customized training strategy that suits their specific needs for maximum ROI.

Where should you start? Use the same standardized test Google uses.

Request a voucher for the OMCP Readiness Exam, or contact me to arrange for a team test.

II – Make sure your Data is Good Data

Good data requires clear definitions, common metrics, and an understanding of how KPIs relate to action.

  • Your data should also correlate to actual customer touchpoints and buying cycles.
  • Reducing information overload will help you find the data that is most actionable and rewarding.
  • And getting the whole team on board with a unified vocabulary and strategy is where it begins.

III – Get out of the Silo

Integrating data for a clearer, broader view of the customer helps organizations improve every aspect of the customer experience.

Training enables marketers to identify clear opportunities with good data, and present those opportunities in a logical, useful format that emphasizes financial impact.

When teams have the skills to understand the challenges their partner departments are facing, they can contribute to coordinated and comprehensive inter-departmental solutions that benefit the entire organization.

Step One

What training should your team focus on to respond to data challenges? Let’s find out.

Contact me for complimentary access to a readiness assessment from OMCP, the digital marketing industry’s leading testing and certification body.

You’ll learn where their strengths lie, where their skills need a boost, and how to design a plan that empowers them to make smart, measurable, data-driven decisions that help you meet and exceed your business goals.


Let’s get started.