The Amazing World of Ad Fraud

  • Uber turns off 2/3 of their programmatic ad spend ($150 million) – and sees no change in results.
  • A CNBC reporter with no programming experience created a website with plagiarized news content, got approved by ad tech partners and started making money by selling ad impressions – within days.
  • A recent ISBA Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study – found no transparency and that 15% of ad spend simply “disappears” into the system, without a trace. Only about 50 cents of every dollar of programmatic spend goes to the publisher

As long as I have worked in analytics, I have always seen ad fraud.  Today, it is at astounding levels, and pervasive throughout the digital marketing industry.  Some seem to be concerned, some have their heads in the sand pretending it doesn’t exist, and others are simply not aware of the extent of the issue.

My guest is Dr Augustine Fou, Ad Fraud expert.  If you don’t follow his updates and content on LinkedIn, then I highly recommend that you do, as it will simply blow your mind how much ad spend is wasted on bots, inflated views, and networks of fraudulent websites.

Grab your coffee, sit back and strap in for this wild ride into the world of ad fraud, some things may shock you, so be careful not to spit out your coffee on your keyboard!

Featured Guest:

Dr. Augustine Fou, Ad Fraud Investigator

Marketing Science Consulting Group, Inc.



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