Marketing to Affluent Hispanic Communities

The beauty of America has always been its cultural diversity. There is much that we can learn from each other and celebrate among each other. Gabriella Alcantara-Diaz joins me at the conclusion of Hispanic Heritage month to discuss the evolving, culturally diverse landscape. The Hispanic community is becoming increasingly affluent, which has significant implications in economic growth, lifestyle preferences, entrepreneurs, and community identity.

Gabriella shares her exciting #CultureRunsDeep campaign which highlights the impact culture in Latin communities, small businesses, and corporate openness.

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Featured Guest:

Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz

Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz

CEO & Co-Founder, Semilla Multicultural

LinkedIn: Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz | LinkedIn

Gabriela ‘Gaby’ Alcantara-Diaz is a dedicated cultural brand strategist with over 30 years of
marketing and communications experience in helping clients cultivate meaningful brand growth
through enriching consumer brand relationships with an increasingly diverse, dynamic and
upwardly mobile Hispanic America.