Email is the steady, reliable channel that marketers dismiss at their own risk.

Email is far from dead, dying, or going away. Despite bold pronouncements from industry experts, social media giants, and marketing insiders, Email has outlasted and outperformed every year. Even with the pandemic, email stats have grown, showing that a work-from-home population is tied to email more than ever.

Email is the grand old lady of marketing, or “the rich old grandmother” as Jeanne explains. Far from being a tired and predictable medium, Email is a dynamic nurturing and loyalty-building platform that still provides the best ROI in the business.  Even more, it can be optimized to build even more ROI for those who are willing to invest time, effort, and development of their lists.  Relevancy is the key to the game, and Email provides a solid basis for any business to grow.

Join us as Email expert Jeanne Jennings shares her email insights, practical advice for marketers, keys to grow your list and engage your customers.

Featured Guest:

Jeanne Jennings

Website: Email Op Shop, Jeanne Jennings
LinkedIn: Jeanne Jennings | LinkedIn

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