Master your personal impact, persuasiveness and presence though your webcam.

Welcome to this “Sheltering in Place” edition of the Endless Coffee Cup Podcast.

As the world events have forced us to do business through the internet, the only external personal interaction is through our webcams.  In this episode, Stewart Bewley joins Matt to talk about how we can master our personal presence through the webcam. As we are both on lockdown, we’ve decided to communicate regularly and provide specific tips and practices to help people communicate effectively.

With some simple lighting and arranging of furniture to helps to maintain and heighten eye contact, your personality and persuasive abilities will increase as you develop skills to utilize this new medium to your advantage.

Join Matt and Stewart in this fast, 40 minute discussion that will change how you approach online meetings and improve your online delivery.  While webcams have been around for years, they are now an indispensable part of business moving forward.  Anyone working remotely must be able to use this medium to their advantage and understand how to present themselves professionally, clearly and persuasively.

Stay safe! And be sure to check out Stewart’s website and his online webinars to master your pitch!

Do you like what Stewart has to say?

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