Is the Sales Funnel Dead?

Is the Traditional Sales Funnel an Effective Tool in Modern Digital Marketing?

The past few months have brought about very interesting views of the traditional sales funnel.

New funnel shapes and interpretations are created daily, such as the flywheel to the bowtie and more. Matt and Ashley discuss the changing application of the sales funnel and the helpful visualization that it enables. They also discuss how COVID might have changed the sales funnel and the approach that businesses should take moving forward.

But with all this talk about the funnel, is it dying because sales and marketing can’t agree? 

Many marketers are not able to track leads beyond the hand-off to sales, which prevents them from measuring the quality of those leads.  Learn how breaking down silos, corporate politics and walled data is critical for the modern selling process.

Guests in this episode:

Ashley Schweigert, Marcom Content by Ashley

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