Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #29: “Have SEO Best Practices Really Changed?”

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Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #29: “Have SEO Best Practices Really Changed?”

Longtime associate Ashley Schweigert joins Matt to talk SEO.

Recently, Matt ran across a training video that claims that SEO Best Practices have changed, and has some contention with that claim.

Grab some coffee and listen in:

What has changed?

Many people like to make the statement that the search engines are always changing, which is true. However, very few of those changes affect anyone who is actively marketing their website and publishing great content. Search engines want quality websites in their results, so creating quality websites and content will enable you to market without worrying about someday disappearing from Google’s results.

Join Matt and Ashley as they discuss what HASN’T changed over the years in SEO!

Ashley can be found at MarCom Content by Ashley


About the Author:

Matt has taught Google employees how to understand and use Google Analytics, consulted with Experian on how to present data, developed online marketing training for both Proctor and Gamble and Johnson & Johnson and presented analytics methodologies to Disney, ABC & ESPN. As founder of SiteLogic, Matt teaches marketers how to create measurable and profitable strategic marketing plans.

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  1. Rich Grisak February 21, 2019 at 3:16 pm - Reply

    Yes – intent!! It’s so important to consider all aspects of user intent — great discussion.

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