How to Create Amazing Content on YouTube

Featured Guest:

Greg Jarboe

CEO & Co-Founder, SEO-PR

Greg @LinkedIn

The YouTube Creator formula:  Get Better Everyday

Greg joins Matt once more to continue their last discussion, YouTube’s Secret Sauce.   This conversation turns towards the process of making great content for creators and marketers.  While the discussion focuses primarily on YouTube, the power of video is unmistakable.

In this episode they dive into further aspects of creating great content, which is a simple formula:

1. Get better every day.

2. Don’t be afraid to fail.

The best advice is to avoid the “instant success” approach and methodically create, assess, learn and create more.  The headlines might be full of overnight sensations and viral stories, but the consistently productive producers are ones that have been working at this for years and perfecting their approach based on analytics, response rates, and feedback.

Greg shares stories that will motivate you to find your own story and to tell it with creative flair.  Don’t miss the part where Greg brings up-to-the-minute advice that will get your videos more visibility!

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