High Fidelity

In this episode, Ben joins Matt again as they discuss something that is very dear to many of us – Music. However, Ben’s background in sound engineering lends to the discussion of the quality of the music that we listen to.  All joking aside, is today’s music different in sound quality?

How does “personalized” music affect how we enjoy music?

Now that everyone has headphones, do we isolate ourselves even further by not sharing music?

Also, how to we value music?

Our value of music has changed as the medium of music has changed. From large vinyl records that were difficult to transport to CD’s, MP3’s and now streaming music services; music has become more portable, but less tangible. Because of that, our value of music and how much we are willing to pay has diminished as well.
Sit back, get a cup of coffee and listen in as Matt and Ben discuss the cultural aspects of music quality and how it affects our perceptions, behavior and sharing of that music.

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Ben Bailey

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