Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #31: “Digital Accessibility Matters”


How important is Accessibility in Digital Marketing? Honestly, most have never thought about that question, so you may not be alone. Kim Krause-Berg joins Matt to talk about recent developments in Accessibility. Primarily driving this discussion are the recent increase in accessibility lawsuits. Past court rulings put websites in the same class as a commercial business; they have to accommodate and provide for anyone to access their store just as much as their website.

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #31: “Digital Accessibility Matters”2021-08-04T15:33:06-04:00

The Myth of “Technically Accessible”


This has been stewing for a while. Just brimming under the surface. An brewing anger towards companies that do not understand accessibility, nor the commitment that is required to be [...]

The Myth of “Technically Accessible”2021-12-17T20:06:58-05:00

Observing Accessibility


For many years, I was heavily involved in the Accessibility Community for programming, testing and developing accessible websites. So much so that I even ran a blog on it for [...]

Observing Accessibility2017-08-25T14:36:09-04:00
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