Usability: Profitable Testing

Usability Conversations #3

Kim and Matt continue the conversation from the last show, as they delve into further testing and usability concepts.

While the obstacles to good usability are well documented, Kim and Matt work through the common objections, difficulties and solutions. While suggesting testing plans and constant reviews, they maintain the focus on the bottom line of testing – improved business.  It all comes down to making your website easy to use. If it is easy, people will do more and your business will benefit.

Sit back and listen to the instruction, the advice and experiences of two people that have been in the website business for over 20 years – each! We’re sure that you’ll learn something that will benefit your business or that you can put into practice  – immediately!

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Testing & Feedback


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Joe Dolson – Accessible Web Design

Carl Groves – List of Accessibility Lawsuits:

Web Accessibility Initiative

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Kim Krause-Berg

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Website: Kim Krause-Berg | Website

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