Communication Art

“Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master”
-Christian Lous Lange

Sue joins me again as we explore the modern difficulties of communicating through electronic media. What makes it so difficult and how does it create so many mis-communications?

We explore the science behind human communications and how electronic media exploits the worst of communication’s faults. However, we try to identify means of dealing with electronic communication and how we can overcome its nuances to make both life and business better.
Some of the issues we work through in this discussion:

  • What is the “real” purpose of Email?
  • How can Email be used more effectively for work?
  • What expectations do you have of others?
  • What expectations are you setting for yourself?
  • When is texting for work acceptable?
  • Who can text you and why?

Of course, the conversation takes another level as soon as we talk about using humor and joking in electronic communication.  In a word, no, it rarely works.

Finally, we talk through practical steps to improve your communications in email, text and social media. Hopefully these steps can help you be more effective and aware of the inherent issues in electronic communication.

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Featured Guest:

Sue Grabowski, CEO & Founder, Desidara

LinkedIn: Sue Grabowski | LinkedIn

Twitter: Sue Grabowski | Twitter

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