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“Success is a terrible thing and a wonderful thing… Just do what you love.”

Matt and Sue are often asked to speak to university students and provide career advice. We both found the college experience helped build a foundation to do many things in life, not just a single career. Those experiences centered around specific classes or subjects, and we both attribute our career direction to our professor, Dr. Kim Phipps.

In this episode, we answer frequent questions:
  • What is valuable about the college/university experience today?
  • What skills do two business owners think are the most important?
  • How did college/university prepare us for what we do today?
  • How do you know when it is time to go out on your own?
  • How do you prepare for starting your own business?

We get a little personal in talking through some of our job history, stress of starting a business and how to survive a start-up. Issues of credit, office space, taxes, hiring, making payroll and the wonderful memories of a cat walking in front of the camera during a webinar come up in our start-up experiences.

We invite you to listen in on one of our more candid and personal discussions on the subject of owning a business and managing success, failure and personal fulfillment.

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Featured Guest:

Sue Grabowski, CEO & Founder, Desidara

LinkedIn: Sue Grabowski | LinkedIn

Twitter: Sue Grabowski | Twitter

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