Exposed by the Pandemic, B2B Virtual Selling Skills Fall Short

In large part, B2B sellers have not evolved their virtual selling skills.  A recent survey showed that the B2B virtual selling process is broken – but it is not because of the technology!

Rather, when virtual presentations remove the sizzle, buyers don’t see much substance.

In the world of B2B sales, personality, charm, and instincts could rule the day and win customer’s hearts and minds. However, when forced to move to virtual meetings and presentations, many salespeople have simply fallen flat.  Despite the challenges, the inability to transition to a virtual selling format has set back many salespeople, but it isn’t because of the technology!

A recent eMarketer survey showed that there are some issues with using technology and managing a virtual meeting.  What was more concerning were the frustrations expressed by B2B buyers about their experience.  Some of the top problems experienced by displayed by virtual sellers were well beyond technical, and are based on simple sales skills, organizational skills, and writing skills.

That’s right.

Of the top Virtual Selling Mistakes in this list, responsiveness, preparation, presentation skills, and writing skills are noted as being consistent mistakes displayed by sellers.  While the pandemic isn’t to blame for a lack of these skills, it does expose the B2B sales experience.  These issues didn’t just appear, but they have become more noticeable and harder to hide.

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