What is Content Marketing – Really?

Content marketing is a huge buzzword, but what it stands for really isn’t all that new.

Strip away the buzz and you have attention-grabbing content. That’s it. As every piece of content, it’s about leveraging marketing channels in a smart and strategic way to make sure that content gets in front of the right people at the right time. So, what is content marketing truly at its core, and why is there so much hype?

Get the inside scoop from Matt and Ashley as they discuss the following topics:

  • How businesses should look at their content as brand journalism
  • What really goes into creating quality content marketing
  • How to approach content distribution and capture your audience’s attention
  • Why campaigning with a content marketing mindset can help improve results
  • How every business can leverage some part of content marketing

The activities that go into content marketing are nothing new. We’re consuming more content than ever before, and that’s why it’s a must for businesses to be strategic about their approach with content creation and distribution.

It goes beyond the amount of content to really capture your audience’s attention, and that’s what Matt and Ashley really dive into within the podcast. Given the technology and amount of content available today, your audience can be more selective when it comes to the type of content consumed. This podcast explores how to get past talking about your products and services by demonstrating value and providing answers to problems.

Matt and Ashley talk about how a business can position itself as an expert by utilizing the methodology behind content marketing. They go into how to capture a potential customer and bring them through the marketing/sales funnel to become a loyal buyer. This podcast will help you to sort through the noise behind content marketing, so you can be more strategic with how you approach targeting your customer with quality content.

matt and ashley in the studio

Matt and Ashley in the Endless Coffee Cup Studio