How to Spot FAKE News and What to Do About It

In this podcast, an interview with Nolan Higdon, author of The Anatomy of Fake News.

Matt interviews Author Nolan Higdon about his recent book, The Anatomy of FAKE News: A Critical News Literacy Education. In a lively discussion, Nolan covers the historical roots of fake news (further back than you might imagine) and the features of fake news that make it so dangerous.

Not only does the podcast examine the factors and developments of fake news, but we review aspects of Higdon’s detection kit and solutions that he offers for the reader.

An essential component of democracy is an informed citizenry. Arming yourself to detect and stop fake news is a personal action that you can take right now.  People are both the cause and the cure for combating fake news.

More than ever, Digital Media Literacy is essential in building and maintaining a civil society through civil discourse.  Developing these skills is critical for our future.  Unfortunately, technology and media are developing and innovating at a far faster pace than people can follow and learn. The long-term effects of social media and digital media are just starting to be recognized, and many of those effects are not healthy.

In this episode:

Dr. Nolan Higdon

History and Media Studies Lecturer
Host of Along The Line Podcast
Author of The Anatomy of Fake News: A Critical News Education
Co-Author of United States of Distraction: Media Manipulation in Post-Truth America (And What We Can Do About It) (2019)

Twitter: @Nolan_Higdon