Fake News, ClickBait, and the Value of Conversation

Nolan Higdon, the author of The Anatomy of Fake News, joins Matt again to talk about the post-election analysis of clickbait, fake news, and issues of digital literacy.  This conversation reaches into many related facets, such as critical thinking, content marketing, ad fraud, and logical fallacies.

Conversation is the main topic.  The value of conversation, especially with those that may think differently, have different backgrounds and experiences, and what we can learn.   This not only applies to politics or social issues but business as well.

Business media is subject to clickbait headlines, just as much as political news.   Business and marketing news is just as subject to stories about popular trends but tends to avoid serious treatment of issues, ethics, or in-depth content.  Rather, media tends to act as a cheerleader for the new shiny thing in business and marketing!

In this episode:

Dr. Nolan Higdon

History and Media Studies Lecturer
Host of Along The Line Podcast
Author of The Anatomy of Fake News: A Critical News Education
Co-Author of United States of Distraction: Media Manipulation in Post-Truth America (And What We Can Do About It) (2019)

Twitter: @Nolan_Higdon