6 SEO Myths that just won’t go away.

SEO is a tricky business to begin with, and it isn’t helped by the amount of dis-information that is constantly published online.

Matt was recently asked about a few tactics that he through were done and buried, but alas! These myths were alive and well and being recommended by a professional SEO agency!

T. Osinubi joins Matt to work through some of these myths, as they attempt to explain the reasoning behind them, and whey they don’t work.  They make a few attempts to consider why these myths might be still alive, but in the end they do what they do best and provide common sense views about how to optimize and develop websites for rankings.

Featured Guest:

T Adeola Osinubi

Marketer | Educator | Author | Speaker

LinkedIn profile:  T. Adeola Osinubi | LinkedIn

Website: STEM Whisperers

Book: Straight Outta Context

Listen to T. Osinubi on an earlier episode:

Endless Coffee Cup: “Straight Outta Context”

Show Notes:

[Article] Fast Company: The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare

[Article] Google Blog: MUM: A new AI milestone for understanding information

[Podcast] Endless Coffee Cup #43: Search Engine Algorithm Studies

[Podcast] Endless Coffee Cup #36: Don’t Go Chasing Algorithms

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