From Duct Tape Marketing, John Jantsch explains the three C’s of a Universal Business Strategy – could this be The Unified Theory?

From the thinking that ultimately, every business is an information business, in that marketing involves information communication. Jantsch’s 3 C’s are: Content, Contact, Community.

Jantsch explains,

  • “Content is simply the development of highly valuable content.
  • Contact is simply making contact with a audience hungry for this content and finding ways to package and offer this content/information no matter what you really sell or make.
  • Community is taking a group that enjoys your content and contact and finding ways to bring them together to make the content and contact better, more useful, bigger for all.”

Amazingly, this seems to fit into a unified theory as website marketing involves these three elements as well. My “classical” approach is developed from my college years in studying the Classical Philosophers, such as Plato and Aristotle, where the 3 elements are; logic, emotion, and credibility. Or, design, content, and persuasion.

Taking Jantsch’s three C’s into the website marketing element, it becomes;

  • Content – Making a site architecturally sound, open to the search engines and alternate devices.
  • Contact – Persuasively making your case through content, graphics and visual appeal.
  • Community – Gathering links from quality, relevant sites to create a network of resources for the user.

The more I am in this business, the more I see the signs of a Unified Theory governing all that we do. Maybe I’ve just become too addicted to watching LOST, but the more I learn, the more I realize is out there to know. I have become fascinated by learning additional marketing theories, but seeing the cohesiveness among them all.

Try taking your marketing strategy and see if it fits these three C’s. Or does your website fit the three methods of persuasion. Are you missing something in your strategy?