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ROI Focus

SiteLogic is a website marketing company focused primarily on consulting and training. Founded by Matt Bailey, SiteLogic enables organizations to take control of their websites and online marketing strategies. From teaching basic search engine optimization to more complicated analytics strategies, SiteLogic helps companies ensure that their websites are easy to find and easy to use—ultimately increasing sales and leads.


At SiteLogic, we believe that marketing a website is about much more than ranking well in the search engines—it’s about building a reputation. That reputation is built by developing a site that is accessible and usable, optimizing content for relevant keywords, earning links from influential sites, and adjusting constantly based on solid analytics. While this strategy may take a little more time upfront, it will ensure that a site performs well for the long haul and attracts more of its target market.

Customized Service

Whether it’s performing a site audit, researching target markets and keywords, providing in-house team training, or consulting on marketing strategies, SiteLogic works with companies in a variety of customized capacities. While SiteLogic serves primarily as consultants, we do also provide hands-on services including SEO, analytics, usability and marketing campaign implementation.

Proven Results

Because of our emphasis on building marketing programs based on analytics, SiteLogic consistently delivers results. Our system identifies specific areas that need improvement, develops already profitable channels, and informs and educates for future marketing decisions.

Professional Memberships and Certifications

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