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6 Degrees of Lameness

Don't Settle for Lame LinkedIn Invitations Another day, another crop of terrible LinkedIn connection requests: “I’ve found your profile here on LinkedIn, thought we could benefit by connecting.” “I love connecting with professionals.”

Podcast: “Marketing Plans”

50% of business owners do not have a marketing plan for 2019! By nature, the majority of business owners are not marketers. As such, many see taking time to think about marketing the

Podcast: “Working with Google Ads”

For the Business Owner, Google Ads can be Frustrating Google Ads dominates the paid search market, and offers a host of options to allow advertisers to pinpoint potential customer with amazing precision. However, too many

Podcast: “Digital Accessibility Matters”

How important is Accessibility in Digital Marketing? Honestly, most have never thought about that question, so you may not be alone. Kim Krause-Berg joins Matt to talk about recent developments in Accessibility.

OMCP 2019 Role Delineation Study

How Do You Spend Your Marketing Time? The OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional) Certification performed a Role Delineation Study at the beginning of the year. The study asked participants to rank how much time

Avoiding Shiny Object Spending

So what are you buying when you pay for Influencer marketing? Unilever thought their agencies had found them a quick way to reach a broader audience: by partnering with successful, influential social media personalities who

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