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The internet is a black hole of information. One second you are being productive, the next you’re laughing at pictures of grumpy cats or pinning a new recipe you’ll swear to make soon. As a content creator, this makes it especially challenging to capture your audience’s ever-shifting attention – and keep it. You only have a brief window in which to grab your readers before they are on to the next thing. And if your content isn’t engaging and relevant, you’ll lose them again just as fast as you got them. These problems aren’t unique to our internet age, however. Journalists have always struggled to get their stories printed and read,…


Analytics in Football Terms

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As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, it’s clear that most people have football on the brain. As an Analyst, I have analytics on my mind most of the day, but football is also one of my passions. Because of this, I decided to combine two of my favorite things to help you understand “the game of analytics” in football terms.

Possessions are like Acquisition

How you acquire visitors to your website is equivalent to how you acquire possessions in football. There are different ways to acquire traffic to your website just like there are different ways to acquire the ball. Direct Traffic is just like possessing the ball via a kickoff. You…


A Solution to Not Provided Channel Data

If you are familiar at all with Google Analytics, you may have noticed the New Acquisitions Reporting and Channels Section that replaced “Traffic Sources” on the left side bar. While re-learning the location of these features may be a bit like going from riding a tricycle to learning to balance on a bicycle, Google has improved the information being presented in these reports overall. The Overview Report This report gives analysts a great visual representation of how visitors are being acquired, how they are behaving, and how they are converting. The Channels Report This report is also an improvement from the former Traffic Sources reports. It now takes all the…

SiteLogic Pinterest

As I prepared to get married this past June, I obviously had a lot of ideas for the big day. From the perfect dress to the most fitting theme, ideas were swirling around in my head and I needed a way to get organized. As a social media manager, I knew I had a few tools at my disposal. The first one I thought of and the one that I used most often was Pinterest. In a matter of days I had hundreds of new ideas for my wedding, and to be honest, I used quite a few of them. I also observed that several of the people I follow…

Webpage vs. Landing Page

In this series we will be identifying some of the biggest questions and concerns associated with email marketing. From finding the right vendor to understanding how people read emails, we will be diving into it all to help you make your email marketing efforts more successful and profitable. Now that you’ve picked the right vendor, constructed a plan of action, considered the overall design of your email, and thought about designing it for mobile, it’s time to look at the final part of our series and talk about landing page optimization.

Landing Page Optimization

You take the time to write good copy, you come up with a great…